10 Trees

These photographs are multiple exposure images, composed and shot on location. Each exposure is of a different tree, with the resulting ten trees overlaying to create the final image. 

They are shot intentionally as a multiples exposure in a single digital file and are not composites or collages. When I digitally process the images I do not recompose or crop the images. 

I do not selectively change the colours, but simply change the colour balance of the whole image. I believe that this helps make the colours feel not unnatural, even though they are not literally accurate.

Ten exposures is a sufficient number to make it difficult for one layer to dominate the exposure, but still allows detail from each layer to be visible. I wanted to take pictures of trees that show them how I remember them. 

As I remember a scene I recollect details and as I concentrate on them they become part of the image in my mind. In these images each layer contains details that blend in until you suddenly notice or concentrate on them. 

The colours and exposure are not presented literally, but as interpreted by my memory of the feeling of that place.